Monday, March 1, 2021

Storybook Comment Wall

Comment Wall for my storybook: Devi - Many Faces of a Godess

This is a fun/silly depiction of having many faces in one body/entity - Unikitty from the Lego movies

 Source: "The Many Faces of Unikitty" by Oky - Space Ranger is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


  1. Hi Eli! I read over your introduction to your storybook, and I really like the style and summarization. The topic is very expansive, as the many faces of the goddesses can allow for different stories to be told and a different focus for each narrative. However, your introduction summarizes it really well and provides a strong first impression to approach the storybook. I like how you included the example of Parvati also being Kali to demonstrate the various forms. The embedded links also allow readers to learn more about specific goddesses and topics by directing them to Wikipedia, which is a useful detail to allow readers to learn more about the subjects before approaching the story. The image is a great portrayal of your storybook theme, but it may be useful to put the image in the center or on the side of the website to break up the text. I love the image, but I almost missed it if I didn’t scroll down. Nevertheless, it’s a great Introduction!

  2. Hi Eli! When I clicked on your blog, I was so interested to see that you are doing a storybook based off “different faces of the same goddess.” That is so cool! I find it so amazing that Saraswathi, Lakshmi, and Parvathi all have different symbolic meanings. I think that with your topic you will be able to add so much information on how each one is similar but different! You can add a compare and contrast concept! I am looking forward to reading the different aspects each of the goddesses have! Maybe you should try adding an image in the main header area where all three: Saraswathi, Lakshmi, and Parvathi are present! The tridevi concept will be seen and be more impactful! This is a beautiful concept, and I’m sure you will do justice with it! I think that it is important to educate the readers on how different they can be, because they are three separate goddesses with equal importance.

  3. Hi Eli! I think the concept for your storybook is really interesting! I am a big Durga fan, and have incorporated her into my storybook as well, so it is cool to read about Parvati! Speaking of that though, I was confused on one part. When talking about the aspects of the different goddesses, you listed Durga as being an aspect of Lakshmi. However, from my research on the topic Durga is another form of Parvati and Kali, not of Lakshmi. I did see in the Wikipedia article that in Vaishnavism Durga is considered a form of Lakshmi, but it also states that Kali is one of Durga's forms. So, I guess maybe I'm just a bit more confused on which forms of the goddess Devi relate to others. Or maybe the point is they are all just one in the same? It's hard to figure out because I'm researching as I'm typing this and Parvati's Wikipedia page also lists Durga as one of her forms. Maybe you could add some more elaboration on that topic? It might be helpful just to know how you will use that concept for your stories. Besides my confusion, I am looking forward to reading your stories!

  4. Hi Eli,
    I really enjoyed your introduction as a setup to your storybook that will be focusing on the same goddess with different faces. I think it is super cool that you decided to focus on tridevi and the concept of this with the three ladies being linked and considered different faces of the same goddess. I think your commentary of Parvati and Kali being so different was a great way to grab a readers attention, and I am definitely interested to see what you will cover in this storybook. I assume each story will involve a different face of the same goddess.

    I loved the image you used for this introduction, but maybe you would consider using it as a header or the top of your page to draw the readers eye as well! The header image would be so impactful and be at the forefront of the reader's mind when reading the introduction to your storybook, so I think that could be a good way to engage readers as well!

  5. Hi Eli,
    I read your introduction and your plan for the stories you are writing. I generally got the gist of what you are going to write about, as you explained the three goddesses really well! I find it really interesting how tridevi is the concept of three goddesses into one and even each one has different forms and aspects opposing their main purpose. It is really interesting to read about how different those aspects are. I think you can divide the stories really well on your page, with each goddess a part of the tridevi having their own story. I think you should add images of the three goddesses to the home banner and introduction banner! Also, you could have each goddess on the banner of their respecting stories. I will keep up with your page, and I look forward to reading about tridevi and their other aspects. Great work!

  6. Hi Eli, I just read the introduction to your storybook, and I thought that the idea sounded really cool. In particular, I think that the idea that a goddess has many different forms is interesting. By focusing on this concept you can tell a lot of different and interesting stories. Focusing on the introduction, I think you do a really good job explaining how Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati are all different faces, yet they are the same goddess.

    I also like the images that you used for your banner and introduction. I really like the bright and different colors for the banner as I think it works well with the images you chose for your introduction since they share many of the same colors. I also think your pictures for your introduction do a good job of explaining the many faces of Devi since the pictures show many different representation of the same goddess. Overall, I really enjoyed reading your introduction and look forward to reading the stories you come up with.

  7. Hi Eli!
    I’m very intrigued based on what you have so far, so I’m excited to read each story. I think the Tridevi is so interesting, and I would have loved to do a storybook about them, so I’m glad I found yours! I have to say though, I found myself a little bit confused while reading your introduction. I think it brushes over a lot of important details about the Tridevi that are necessary in explaining who they are and what they represent. I know that researching into the deities can turn into a bit of a maze, but I think having a deeper understanding of them and figuring out what is relevant to your introduction and what is not will help elevate your storybook. However, I’m sure you’re saving the more detailed explanations for your actual stories, so if that is the case, then you may not need to change much in your introduction. Food for thought! I’m looking forward to reading your stories!

  8. Hi Eli!
    I'm excited to read your storybook with many new things to take in and learn, as I am from the mythology class. The first thing that struck me was the similarities between the many faces of this god and the many faced god of game of thrones. It is always important to me as an author to connect my writings to todays media as a way to more easily connect with my readers. I have to agree with what Lydia posted previously. Especially as a new reader it was hard for me to fully grasp the concept of some of the specifics you talked about. For an average reader, I did not have the background knowledge that many of your classmates do to understand. It would help if you explain each thing in more detail, instead of seemingly jumping from one topic to the next.

  9. First, I think the image you chose for your home page header is so perfect. I know it is just abstract triangles really, but it made me think of a multi-faced Devi. Like it looks like an abstract image of a bunch of faces to me. Your introduction made was great as well. It was extremely helpful and helped set up what your story is going to be about. I think something to possibly add-in would be brief character bios and quick definitions of certain words, like Devi. I do not know if these blogs are supposed to be written for the general public, but some people might not know what a Devi is. I really liked the first part of your story too. It really made me feel for Durga and also understand sort of what kind of Devi she is. The author's note is very helpful as well. Durga's origin story is so interesting. She is definitely a cool face of the Tridevi.

  10. Hey Eli!
    I was also really fascinated by the idea of the tridevi, so I'm glad you're exploring that further. The fractal image background goes really well with that, conceptually, so great choice there.
    I'm a huge fan of the world-weary warrior, so to speak, so your story was a fantastic read. I particularly enjoyed how you punctuated Durga's thoughts with the news snippets.
    Basically the only thing I'd add is perhaps a depiction of Durga (particularly regarding the many arms thing.)Great job, regardless. I look forward to reading more.


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